by masculator

Welcome to my Masculator Blog!


This blog will concentrate on two major societal issues that are, quite frankly, increasingly plaguing our free, liberal, democratic, enlightened societies, and are actively seeking to stretch the limits of our societies, well beyond breaking point. The two issues at hand are at strange odds with each other; the mental gymnastics needed to be a supporter of both at the same time – as undoubtedly required by the Regressive Left – are frankly mind-boggling, and should in itself be enough to change one’s view on at least one, if not both issues.

The first issue, the importance and urgency of which has been increasing, seemingly exponentially, in recent months, and cannot be stressed enough, is the rise of Islam, and thereby its political expression, Islamism, within our free world. The ever-increasing number of Muslims living amongst us, or rather, living mainly within their monolithic, mono-cultural, anti-diverse, secluded “no-go zones” within our very cities, naturally leads to ever‑increasing numbers of those who take not just their religion, but the political and judicial ideology that is inextricably linked with it – is part of it, is embedded within it – to its literal, ultimate conclusion. According to a number of studies, support and call for Sharia law is at frightening levels, not only within Muslim-majority countries – countries we are currently importing large numbers of able-bodied, fighting-age men from – but even more worryingly, within our free, secular societies. Spineless political leaders within the EU – most notably, but certainly not exclusively, Angela Dorothea Merkel – are currently ensuring that that import, that movement of incompatible ideology into our free societies remains at record levels.

The other issue that this blog will focus on is that ultimate expression of the regressive left: feminism, its views and influence on modern-day male-female dynamics, and what this means for modern relationships. It will investigate how and why many people in contemporary society have become unhappy in their relationships (as shown by unprecedented divorce rates), how traditional gender roles, or rather the current lack thereof, have driven men and women apart. It will investigate the role that the different waves of feminism have played in shaping our current societies. It will investigate the role that emasculation of men has played in the current, weak state of affairs in politics, which, in turn, has its effects on how we deal with Islamism.

The dichotomy is self-evident: Being “Left” requires one to be “Feminist”, but also to “support the underdog”, i.e., to support the “oppressed Muslim”, and to support the wave of immigration of “refugees” into our societies, even if those “oppressed Muslims” and immigrant “refugees” themselves are very much diametrically opposed to said feminist values.

How will this play out? Time will tell. I urge everyone with a conscience to use the only weapons we have: democracy, protest, and free speech, to achieve change, and to ensure our free, liberal, enlightened, democratic societies at the very least stay just that: free, liberal, enlightened, and democratic.


— Masculator